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Cherry Financing at Aquila Dental: A Comprehensive Guide

In the bustling city of Chandler, Arizona, part of the expansive Phoenix metropolitan area, Aquila Dental stands out as a beacon of high-quality dental care.  Our practice not only offers a wide range of dental services but also provides an innovative financing option through Cherry Financing, making dental care more accessible and affordable for the local community. The best part is that Cherry Financing can be utilized for Cosmetic Dental Services or General Dentistry. Dr. Rich Higgs and Dr. Max Shumake are committed to providing excellent dental care to all patients visiting Aquila Dental. 

Understanding Cherry Financing

Extended Financing Range: Cherry Financing at Aquila Dental caters to a variety of dental needs, offering financing options ranging from $200 to $15,000. This range accommodates everything from routine dental maintenance to more comprehensive treatments, ensuring that patients can access the care they need without financial strain.

Credit Score Flexibility: With a minimum credit score requirement of just 520, Cherry Financing opens the door to dental care for a broader audience, including those who may have lower credit scores. This inclusivity is a step towards ensuring that dental care is not a privilege, but a right accessible to all.

Interest-Free Opportunities: For patients with excellent credit (scores of 750 or higher), Cherry Financing offers a 6-month interest-free financing option. This feature is particularly beneficial for those looking to manage their finances effectively while accessing quality dental care.

Credit Score Definitions: In the Cherry Financing framework, a “good” credit score is identified as a Beacon score of 650 and above, while “great” credit starts from 750 and above.

Flexible payment option are possible with Cherry Financing at Aquila Dental
Flexible payment option are possible with Cherry Financing at Aquila Dental

Sample Monthly Payment Chart for 24-Month Financing

To provide a clearer picture of what financing with Cherry looks like, here’s a breakdown for a 24-month plan:

$1,500 Financing: Monthly payment around $71 for those with good or great credit.
$3,000 Financing: Approximately $142 per month for individuals with good or great credit scores.
$5,000 Financing: For this amount, expect to pay about $237 per month if you have good or great credit.
$10,000 Financing: Monthly payments come to approximately $475 for those with favorable credit ratings.
$15,000 Financing: At this tier, the monthly payment is around $712 for patients with good or great credit.

Apply for Cherry Financing with 60 second approval without affecting your credit score 


Aquila Dental: Serving the Chandler AZ Community

Aquila Dental’s location in Chandler, a vibrant suburb of Phoenix, positions it perfectly to serve a diverse community. Known for its rich culture and thriving business environment, Chandler benefits from the amenities of a large city while maintaining a close-knit community feel. This setting makes Aquila Dental an ideal choice for residents seeking comprehensive and accessible dental services.

The Advantage of Cherry Financing in Chandler, AZ

For residents of Chandler and the surrounding areas in Phoenix, the availability of Cherry Financing at Aquila Dental means that high-quality dental care is within reach, irrespective of immediate financial constraints. Whether it’s a routine check-up, a complex procedure, or cosmetic dentistry, Cherry Financing ensures that financial barriers do not hinder the pursuit of oral health and hygiene.


Cherry Financing at Aquila Dental represents a significant stride in making dental care more affordable and accessible. Its flexible financing options, coupled with the clinic’s commitment to quality care, make it a standout choice for residents of Chandler and the broader Phoenix area.

For more detailed information on the services and financing options available at Aquila Dental, including Cherry Financing, interested individuals are encouraged to contact our office in Chandler, AZ directly. This step will ensure personalized advice and the latest information tailored to individual dental care needs. 

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