Full Mouth Reconstruction in Chandler AZ

Full Mouth Reconstruction: The Gateway to a Renewed Smile with Dr. Higgs at Aquila Dental in Chandler, AZ

A smile is more than a simple facial expression. It is the embodiment of joy, confidence, and health. Yet, for many, a smile can be a source of discomfort or self-consciousness due to dental imperfections or deterioration. This is where full mouth reconstructions, also known as smile makeovers, come into play. At Aquila Dental in Chandler, AZ, Dr. Rich Higgs specializes in these transformative procedures, customizing each treatment to align with the patient’s unique dental landscape and aesthetic goals.

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Understanding Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is an extensive process designed to address significant dental issues affecting the entire mouth. It’s not merely about aesthetics; it’s about restoring the functional integrity of your teeth, gums, and bite. This comprehensive treatment can range from replacing missing teeth, correcting bite dysfunctions, treating gum disease, to addressing worn-out teeth due to bruxism or other conditions.

Dr. Higgs, with his wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail, approaches each smile makeover with the precision of a craftsman, ensuring that the end result not only looks natural but also promotes oral health and functionality.

The Catalyst for Considering a Smile Makeover

A Full Mouth Reconstruction is often considered when

Teeth have been lost due to decay or trauma.
Teeth have been injured or fractured.
Teeth have become severely worn due to long-term acid erosion (foods, beverages, acid reflux) or tooth grinding.
Ongoing complaints of jaw, muscle, and headache pain requiring adjustments to the bite (occlusion).
In Aquila Dental’s nurturing environment, Dr. Higgs prioritizes understanding each patient’s individual concerns and desired outcomes.

Dental Implants

Eligibility for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Ideal candidates for a smile makeover are those who:

  • Are looking for a comprehensive solution to multiple dental issues.
  • Desire to improve the functionality and appearance of their smile.
  • Are in good general health and have healthy gums, essential for restorative procedures.
  • If you’re contemplating whether a full mouth reconstruction is suitable for you, consider scheduling a virtual smile consultation with Dr. Higgs at Aquila Dental.
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Porcelain Veneers at Aquila Dental Chandler AZ
Dental Implants
Same Day Crowns at Aquila Dental Chandler AZ
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The Process of Smile Transformation

The journey to full mouth reconstruction begins with a thorough consultation to establish a clear understanding of your needs and goals. Dr. Higgs employs advanced diagnostic tools to develop a personalized treatment plan, which may include:

Dental Implants: A durable and permanent solution for missing teeth.
Veneers: To correct chips, cracks, or discoloration on individual teeth.
Teeth Whitening: For a brighter, more vibrant smile.
Crowns and Bridges: To restore damaged teeth or replace missing ones.
Invisalign: To correct alignment and improve bite function.

Timeline and Expectations

A full mouth reconstruction is not a quick fix but a journey to lasting dental health and aesthetics. Depending on the complexity of your case and the treatments needed, the process can span several weeks to months.

Life After Your Smile Makeover

Post-treatment, you’ll not only enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a full mouth reconstruction but also enhanced oral function and health. To maintain your new smile, our team will guide you through the best practices for at-home care and recommend a schedule for regular check-ups and cleanings.

Invisalign at Aquila Dental Chandler AZ

Making the Decision

Choosing to undergo a full mouth reconstruction is a significant decision, one that patients at Aquila Dental do not take lightly. Dr. Rich Higgs and Dr. Shumake are both dedicated to making this process as seamless and comfortable as possible, ensuring that patients are well-informed and confident in their treatment choices.

Ready to Rediscover Your Smile?

If a full mouth reconstruction sounds like the right path for you, the first step is easy: schedule a virtual smile consultation with Dr. Rich Higgs today. Through this convenient,online appointment you’ll gain valuable insights into the possibilities for your smile, all from the comfort of your home.

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